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        Dongcheng Brand Successfully Obtained the Title of “Export Brand with the Recommendation of CCCMB”
        Source of the article: Publication time:2016-10-16

        In order to respond to the national brand strategy, promote the transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade of mechanical and electrical products, and help enterprises to “go out” to participate in international competition, in August 2016 the CCCMB carried out the activity to choose through public appraisal the “export brands with the recommendation of CCCMB” of the year 2016, so as to provide brand support for enterprises from the industry level, make China’s premium brands known to more international travelling merchants through the authoritative channel, and raise the global profile of “made in China.” With its good reputation and high profile within the industry, Dongcheng brand has successfully passed the public appraisal and obtained the title of “export brand with the recommendation of CCCMB.”



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