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        “Dongcheng” Trademark Successfully Passed the Examination and Appraisal of “Famous Trademarks of Jiangsu Province”
        Source of the article: Publication time:2016-12-30

        In order to thoroughly implement the trademark strategy, give full play to the important role of trademark strategy in promoting the transformation of economic development pattern and the construction of innovative economy, and contribute to the sound and fast economic development of Jiangsu Province, in accordance with the regulations of the Measures for the Recognition and Protection of Famous Trademarks of Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce carried out the application and evaluation work for famous trademarks of Jiangsu Province of the year 2016 in April 2016. After over six months of application and evaluation, the “Dongcheng” trademark has successfully passed the examination and appraisal of famous trademarks of Jiangsu Province, and is once again recognized as a “famous trademark of Jiangsu Province.”

        Dongcheng Company has always attached great importance to the protection of trademark right. To protect the lawful rights and interests of the “Dongcheng” trademark and its brand reputation, the company has established a trademark right protection group, to follow up and handle cases of trademark infringement in real time. Meanwhile, the company has strengthened communication with the local market supervisory authority and sought communication and cooperation with professional organizations to crack down on fake products, so as to make the best use of all administrative means and social forces to strengthen the protection of company brand. 


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