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        Dongcheng Company Rated as Certified 3C Product Manufacturing Enterprise of Grad
        Source of the article: Publication time:2018-02-18

        In early February 2018, the Nanjing Sub-center of China Quality Certification Center released the list of certified 3C product manufacturing enterprises of grade A classified management of the year 2017-2018, and Jiangsu Dongcheng M&E Tools Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the title of grade A.


        The percentage of grade A enterprises in the certified electric power tool enterprises within the jurisdiction of CQC Nanjing Sub-branch is small. Jiangsu Dongcheng M&E Tools Co., Ltd. is the only enterprises rated as grade A in Nantong District. The reason for Dongcheng to obtain this special honor is that its electric power tool products have “zero” disqualification two years in a row in 3C factory supervision checking, factory supervision sampling, national market sampling, and sampling and testing of various levels including provincial, and municipal, and prefecture levels. This fully demonstrates the stable and consistent product quality of Dongcheng Company, whose reputation as a grade A enterprise comes naturally from real distinction. 


        Seizing this opportunity, Dongcheng Company will keep improving its management level, organize production in strict accordance with the Requirements for Factorys Quality Assurance Ability of CQC, continue to improve its quality management system, further enhance the ability to guarantee production conformity, and make active efforts to safeguard its reputation of “manufacturing enterprises of grade A classified management.”


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