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        Dongcheng 2018 Campus Recruitment Officially Started
        Source of the article: Publication time:2018-05-04

        Once again, the annual campus recruitment season, if the university is a turning point in life, then leaving campus means a new start in life. In order to attract more graduates who are about to graduate and help graduates to complete the role transformation of campus to society, in October 2017, "hand in hand and dream of flying east into 2018 Campus Recruitment" was officially opened.

        Since 2007, the company has already had 10 years of campus recruitment and talent training experience in Colleges and universities, set up a special team (Enterprise University) to build a professional course for the new college students, carry out professional quality training and professional skills training, help college students to quickly get rid of the confusion in the early stage of employment and realize in a short period of time. The competitive power of professional competitiveness has become the backbone of the company's continuous rapid development.


        During the campus recruitment process, the company recruited in charge of the company's corporate culture, the concept of people, the development plan, the position and salary and welfare, and so on through PPT introduction, and the students' questions. In the field, the students said that it was very early to know that Dongcheng is the company. The leading enterprises in the electric tool industry, the company has maintained a good development trend and provided good personal development space for the employees. At the same time, the high salary and welfare benefits provided by the Dongcheng company also show the company's attention to the talents. They are competing to express the hope of the League East formation company and strive to exercise in the enterprise. To improve self will and submit resumes in succession, this recruitment has achieved good recruitment results and publicity effect.


        This campus recruitment series of activities is planned to recruit 140 outstanding junior college students and undergraduate graduates, to enrich the technical research and development, sales, legal affairs, foreign trade and other different positions. This batch of new forces joined, while helping the development of the company, it will also be able to work with Dongcheng to achieve their own career dreams and open a wonderful person. Life.

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