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        Voluntary Blood Donation to Extend Love and Compassion
        Source of the article: Publication time:2017-10-18


        In order to support China’s public welfare undertakings, respond to the call for voluntary blood donation throughout the country, implement the company’s philosophy of actively fulfilling social responsibilities in the pursuit of social harmony, and kindle the light of hope for more people in the society, on October 10 the company launched an initiative to advocate voluntary blood donation and appealed to the staff to actively participate in voluntary blood donation in the spirit of caring about others and the society, to donate some fresh blood and extend their love and compassion. Upon launching, the initiative has received positive reaction from the staff eager to sign up. After arrangement by the company and preliminary screening through physical examination, a list of 100 candidates for blood donation was finalized.

        On October 17, the Red Cross Society of Qidong City arranged for staff of blood station to come to the company. Under the detailed arrangement of relevant departments of the company, the blood collection work was completed smoothly after a morning of intensive work. With a total of 25000ml of blood donation, the pre-set goal has been achieved satisfactorily.

        This activity has shown the love and compassion of the staff of Dongcheng Company, and fully demonstrated its good image as a company actively assuming social responsibilities. Meanwhile, the annual staff activity of voluntary blood donation organized by this company has also received praises and thanks from leaders of the Red Cross Society. The company hopes that in future more employees can participate in various social and public welfare undertakings, to offer love and compassion to the best of our ability to people in need, and make this society more heart-warming and harmonious.

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