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        Broaden the “One Belt One Road” Market with the Wide Platform of Canton Fair
        Source of the article:China Technology Market Publication time:2018-04-24


        Our Guangzhou reporter (Reporter Cao Kuozhi; correspondent Wang Lei, Xu Jie) learned from the Tianjin trade mission of Canton Fair: in order to actively integrate itself into the construction of “One Belt One Road”, and make more effective use of China’s largest trade promotion platform—Canton Fair—to seize the opportunity and explore the market, aiming at countries along the line of “One Belt One Road”, Tianjin Sunrise Packaging Machinery Group took the initiative to take multiple measures to explore business opportunities in markets along “One Belt One Road.” The proportion of its trades at Canton Fair in markets along “One Belt One Road” has been steadily growing, which at present already accounts for above 60% of its annual sales, and has become the absolute main force driving the growth of its trades. Within merely two days since the opening of phase-one exhibition of the 123rd Canton Fair, the transactions it concluded have reached about 1 million USD; meanwhile, it has established business connection with dozens of foreign purchasers, which lays the foundation for further cooperation. 


        First is product upgrading. Over the years, Sunrise Group has been dedicated to the adjustment of product structure, and made great efforts to research and develop new products of high scientific and technological content with proprietary intellectual property rights. On the basis of its existing granule, powder, liquid, sauce, and tablet packaging machine and weighing & filling machine, it has carried out cooperation with German and Japanese computer program control enterprises on core control module and technical service successively, and launched multiple models of new high-tech programmable packaging machinery. Some packaging machinery saves power consumption more effectively than other similar products in the world while taking environmental protection into account and improving processing speed by about 30%; moreover, the packing material has also been changed from paper to plastic, which is widely used in soft-bag packaging in industries including medicine, food, daily chemical, chemical, dairy, instant noodles seasoning, and tea leaf. The bag-shaping system of special design not only makes smoother and prettier bag shapes, but can also complete processes such as measuring, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, and code printing, and therefore has become an iconic product appealing to many international purchasers. 



        Second is goal conversion. As the “One Belt One Road” construction advances rapidly, with its sharp vision Sunrise Group has had its eyes on the business opportunity for corporate development. First it adjusted its target market, to make the markets of Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia along “One Belt One Road” as the main directions. It designed and promoted multiple new packaging machinery that can process many models of abnormal shape and suits the customs of countries along “One Belt One Road”, and prepared product owner’s manual in Chinese, English, French, and Arabic specifically. Meanwhile, Sunrise Group also makes effective use of the advantageous opportunity of Canton Fair where international purchasers come together in crowds, to promote new products developed most recently for international professional merchants to “pick fault” and “appraise.” In this way, it can not only grasp the changing trend of market demand rapidly, but also demonstrates its great R&D, production and processing strength.


        Third is team cultivation. Follow no set pattern to attract talent and put talent in key positions boldly and confidently are the foundation for the development of Sunrise Group and the source of its power. Nowadays, highly educated young people play a leading role in Sunrise Group, whether it’s the R&D or marketing team. Furthermore, the inclusion of many “overseas returnees” who have graduated from famous universities and colleges abroad has promoted the enterprise to accelerate its process of gearing up to meet international standards. One generation each for production, trial production, R&D, and reserve: a steady stream of new high-tech packaging machinery continues to promote its status among similar enterprises in the world, and guarantees its momentum for sustained and stable development. Members of the marketing team are not all Chinese. At this Canton Fair, an Egyptian beauty conversant with Middle Eastern customs who graduated from Cairo University caught the eyes of merchants from Middle East. The familiar face, familiar language, and similar customs and habits instantly closed the distance between the enterprise and merchants, some of which have soon become the enterprise’s “diehard fan.”


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