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        Increasing Support by the Government; Intelligent Manufacturing Development Peak
        Source of the article:chinamae.com Publication time:2018-03-17


        Corresponding national polices have been introduced across the country to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. Since the introduction of Adjustment and Revitalization Planning of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry in 2009, China has been increasing its support for intelligent equipment manufacturing industry through policy. The Intelligent Manufacturing Development Planning (2016-2020) released by the MIIT proposed to develop over 60 types of key technical equipment of intelligent manufacturing, reach the international level of similar products, and exceed over 50% of satisfaction rate in the domestic market by 2020. The successive promulgation of industry-supporting policies such as Implementation Guide of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (2016-2020) is accelerating the development of this industry.  

        Meanwhile, the development of intelligent manufacturing has been accelerated in multiple places, while intelligent industrial clusters are being created combining local characteristics. Some large backbone enterprises of intelligent manufacturing with strong independent innovation capacity, outstanding main business, good market prospect of products, and consideration industry-stimulating effect are rising in many places, continuously forming intelligent manufacturing enterprise clusters and industrial clusters. 

        Henan: Constructing a 500-Billion-Level Intelligent Terminal Industrial Cluster

        Recently, the Action Plan for Transformation and Upgrading of Electronic Information Industry (2017-2020) was printed and distributed in Henan Province. By 2020, Henan will complete the construction of a 500-billion-level intelligent terminal industrial cluster, and the whole-industry-chain development pattern and industrial ecosystem will basically appear. According to plan, Henan will stabilize the complete machine capacity of Foxconn and realize who-industry-chain development. Stabilize and increase iPhone capacity, and strive to realize the capacity of 160 million iPhones by 2020. Promote Foxconn to expand from phone manufacturing only to upstream links of the industry chain such as R&D and design, display panel, and cover glass, and gradually realize the whole-industry-chain layout. 

        According to introduction, Henan will also make efforts to introduce domestic famous cellphone brands, construct a production base of domestic high-end cellphone, accelerate the undertaking of Huawei phone OEM project, and plan to establish a production base for Huawei smart phone and other intelligent terminal products. The goal is to introduce and cultivate 40 complete machine manufacturing enterprises by 2020 and realize the capacity of 300 million non-iPhone cellphones. 


        According to data, Henan’s cellphone output reached 259 million cellphones in 2016, ranking the third across the country. Henan will also construct a highland for project R&D and design of the central region. Accelerate the introduction of a batch of a batch of domestic famous project design enterprises, and vigorously develop system design and hardware & software design. Connect with domestic and international famous chip enterprises, and strive to set up a regional R&D center in the Zhengzhou airport district. Introduce and cultivate 10 R&D enterprises, and gather 6 national and provincial scientific research institutions and R&D centers, to form an emerging intelligent terminal R&D and design center of China.

        In addition, Henan will prioritize the development of smart wearable devices in the fields of sports, entertainment, health and medicine and intelligent home industry, and contribute breakthroughs in fields such as camera module, screen component, battery, mold, and new materials. Build a financial platform for intelligent terminal supply chain, and provide support for manufacturing enterprises in links including purchase of raw materials, sales of complete machine, and tax rebate. 


        Nanjing: Accelerate the Creation of New Highland of “Intelligent Manufacturing” 

        Intelligent factory has improved production efficiency substantially; 3D printing has brought customized production close to us… As a pilot demonstration city of “Made in China 2025”, Nanjing is continuing the improvement of policy environment, and accelerating the creation of intelligent manufacturing highland. 

        Intelligent manufacturing is becoming the main direction for Nanjing to develop advanced manufacturing industry. Recently, at the “2017 Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Industrialization Cooperation Summit”, 12 projects with a total investment of 30 billion yuan were signed successfully. Since this year, a batch of intelligent manufacturing projects including IFLYTEK Nanjing regional center project, GREE Central air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base project, and ZTE intelligent manufacturing base have settled in Nanjing successively. 

        There are already over 100 intelligent manufacturing-related enterprises in Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone. The proportion of advanced manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing as the main body has already accounted for above 90% in industry, and intelligent manufacturing is becoming the new “engine” for the transformation and upgrading of development zone. In recent years, the annual average growth of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry with robots and numerical control machine as the representatives has exceeded 10%, and the industry scale is estimated to reach 85 billion yuan this year.

        Nanjing has also introduced a batch of intelligent manufacturing coordination and innovation platforms and public technical service platforms successively, e.g. SGIMRI, Sino-German Technology Transfer Center, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, Nanjing Robot Research Institute, and Horizon Robotics. 

        The new goal of Nanjing is to construct a Chinese city famous for intelligent manufacturing. As the “soul” of intelligent manufacturing, Nanjing’s basic software and industrial software realized 3.17 billion yuan of business income and 15% of year-on-year growth last year, ranking the first in Jiangsu, and has already established a software supporting system for the development of intelligent manufacturing.

        Policy documents such as the Implementation Plan for Constructing Nanjing into a Famous Intelligent Manufacturing City have also been introduced here successively, to plan the structure of intelligent manufacturing. And the Nanjing Development Fund for Emerging Industries of 50 billion yuan in scale has also been set up to promote the high-end, intelligent, and clustered development of this industry. 

        At present, Nanjing is focusing on cultivating an intelligent manufacturing industrial cluster, creating an intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone of domestic first-class level, and planning to turn the Jiangxinzhou Eco-technology Island into an intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone. Nanjing has formed an intelligent manufacturing enterprise cluster and industrial cluster, and is creating the four main advanced manufacturing industries including intelligent manufacturing, and striving to exceed 150 million yuan of main operating revenue of advance manufacturing industry by 2020.

        Changsha: Construction of National Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Full Swing

        At “The Second China (Changsha) Intelligent Manufacturing Summit” convened in Changsha recently, JD planned to invest 10 billion yuan to construct an unmanned vehicle intelligent industrial base in Changsha. Meanwhile, the city is sparing no efforts in the construction of a “national intelligent manufacturing center.” 

        Changsha has the foundation and platform for intelligent manufacturing industry, and also the ability to “draw money.” At present, the Changsha Government and China Electronics are co-constructing an intelligent manufacturing research institute, for the comprehensive arrangement, planning and promotion of the coordinated development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Changsha. China Railway Construction Heavy Industry is investing 10 billion yuan on the construction of a new rail transit equipment industrial park; China Minmetals Corporation is constructing a new energy material industrial base of the most advanced technical level and the greatest capacity scale in China; ZTE is planning to invest 1 billion yuan to construct a global terminal intelligent manufacturing headquarters base in Hunan Province; Professor Li Zexiang, one of the co-founders of DJI, is planning to build a Changsha Intelligent Drive Research Institute on the basis of “Changsha Robot Research Institute.” 

        In recent years, this city has been persisting in the creation of a multi-layered and full-coverage intelligent manufacturing ecosystem with intelligent manufacturing as the lead. By now, 330 municipal-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration pilot projects have begun, putting in motion the intelligentized reconstruction of 2800 enterprises above designated size throughout the city. By report, at this intelligent manufacturing summit a total of 24 important projects have been signed in fields including AI, unmanned vehicle, and intelligent manufacturing scientific research platform, the planned total investment reaching 41 billion yuan.

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