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        Release of the New Edition of Technological Innovation Roadmap Made in China 202
        Source of the article:hardware.cn Publication time:2018-04-13

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        Made in China 2025 (2017 Edition), the technological innovation roadmap for key industries released by the MIIT the other day, through research by the experts group compiling the technological innovation roadmap, shows: by 2025, the three fields of communication equipment, rail transit equipment, and electric power equipment of China as a whole will reach an international advanced level, with China becoming the pacesetter of technological innovation. This conference was attended and addressed by Lu Yongxiang, former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC and Director of National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee, and Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Director of National Manufacturing Leading Group Office. 

        Lu Yongxiang pointed out that the new edition of technological innovation roadmap further improves the scientific quality, foresightedness, and strategic nature of guidance, and enhanced its time effectiveness and reference value. In the next step, the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee will organize experts to do a good job in promoting, interpreting, and providing guidance on the technological roadmap in an all-round and thorough way, give full play to the guidance effect of technological roadmap on China’s manufacturing industry, and transform the wisdom of academicians and experts into the new driving force to accelerate the construction of a nation with strong manufacturing capability and the development of advanced manufacturing industry. 

        In his speech, Xin Guobin pointed out that the technological innovation roadmap released this time is a public advisory report, and a guiding technological innovation roadmap of reference value.  

        As is known to all, profound changes are happening to the development trend and pattern of global manufacturing industry at present, with technological upgrading speeding up continuously, and industry development and market demand changing with each passing day. In order to reflect the new trend, new situation, and new problem of the development of manufacturing industry in a timely manner, and provide reference and guidance keeping pace with the times, the National Manufacturing Strategy Advisory Committee began the revision of technological roadmap at the beginning of 2017. On the basis of conducting in-depth investigation and research on the development status of the technical fields of China’s key industries, closely following the latest development global industrial technology, and carefully organizing the weakness and bottleneck existing in each field, the over 400 academicians and experts participating in this revision carefully revised the technical requirements for enterprise and the development goal, key link, key material, and key equipment for technological development in each field, which ultimately led to the 2017 edition of technological roadmap.

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